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I Dropped Out Of School After Getting Pregnant At 14 – Actress Ada Ameh

I Dropped Out Of School After Getting Pregnant At 14 – Actress Ada Ameh

Nollywood actress Ada Ameh, who gained popularity after her role in the popular sitcom ‘The Johnsons’, has shared the story of how she got pregnant at an early age and still scaled through the challenges it came with.


According to the actress, she dropped out of school and also had her child when she was 14 years. But she didn’t allow the challenges to affect what she purposed for her life. The actress stated that though she didn’t graduate from school, he daughter was the school she graduated from and her first degree was herself.


She made this known at the Benson Idahosa University’s 14th Cultural Day Celebration:


“Going through life as a single mother was not an easy thing at all, but today I am proud to call myself a proud single mother because whenever I see my daughter I am glad,” she said.


“I want you to understand that even though I dropped out of secondary school, I am a proud single mother. Just take it that my life is a history. If not for God, I don’t know where I would have been. My major concern is for the young girls, I am not a victim, I am a proud single mother. Today my child is my school; she was the school that I graduated from. My first degree was that woman; you will not understand what it means to become pregnant at fourteen.”


Ada Ameh went further to remind the students that they all have various talent embedded in them:


“Aside being in school, there are other talents that you have in you. You should not allow this talent to die in you. Some of you will come out to be great designers, I have heard testimonies of people that moved from the rank of being bank managers and suddenly they started falling back to their first love.


“Be You, Be original. This is what has kept me in the movie industry for 22 years and by the grace of God still relevant. 22 years ago I was picked from the gutters, dropped out of secondary school after the baby saga; I wrote GCE and JAMB and didn’t pass the exam. It has not been easy, but I have been able to pull through all these years only by the grace of God.

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