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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Progress In Life

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Progress In Life

Do you feel stagnated in life? Or you feel you aren’t moving at the speed you should move, I will show you some possible reasons why you aren’t making progress in life the way you should.

If you believe that life is in stages, then you should also know that there are strategies and principles that should be applied. Making progress in life is a function of determination, zeal, and the right attitude. They should all function at the right amount, which triggers success.

The purpose of this post is to allow you search inwards for what might be a hindrance in making progress in life.

Before you blame the country, president, senators and governors as one of the reasons you aren’t making progress in life, you should take out time to examine inwards what might be the cause aside external forces.

Making progress doesn’t boil down to financials alone, it might be your career, relationship or any other place you expect growth.

What might be some of the reasons you are making progress in life yet?


This is the foundation of all the possible cause why you aren’t making progress yet in life. This is the biggest enemy you would ever have in life. It will be the reason others are striving hard and working hard to achieve a lot, and you sit in the corner of your room daydreaming.

It is the bedrock of other progress killers like procrastination, excuse making, and etc.

The issue with laziness is that it makes you believe that you aren’t lazy, while it eats deep into your life and affects your progress in life.

There are other products of laziness, and it would be used as other points to explain the possible reasons why you aren’t making progress in life.

Lack of Discipline

To discipline ones-self is one of the recipes for success. Many successful people have attributed the secret of their success to self-discipline. It can never be overemphasized. This is one life skill that helps you become focused, active, and get things done.

This is one factor that others judge you with. Talent alone isn’t enough, discipline is the watchword. It extends to your personal life, work, career, lifestyle and finances.

Once discipline is gone, you are gonna watch how scattered you become in life. In the long-run, you might just implode and tip the f*ck off – which is the worst you’d ever want to experience.

No Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is all about adding value to yourself. Two years should not pass you by without you improving your self-worth.

In some other thread, I wrote about the top skills that would give you a job and also enhance your career. Most people viewed it and just left. You have to continually add value to yourself, and the outcomes are very great.

When you prefer the latest fashion trends or latest technology gadgets to skills that would open doors for you, how do you intend to start making progress in life?

No Clear Cut Goals

90% of people wake up every morning without any plan of what to achieve for that day. They spend time on time killers (Social Media, Gossips, and TV). You need to set goals every night before the next day. It helps you achieve so much.

These are the Goal setting exercise you should consider

Make a list of 10 goals to achieve
Select the most important
Set a deadline
Talk about it all day till you achieve it
Focus on it (Excellence orientation)

Lack of Optimism

Optimistic people are happy people. They believe that things would be alright and they work hard towards it. They talk about what they want, how they want it, and how they are going to get it.

Non-optimistic people are very unhappy. They are not happy with themselves, their life, the country, everything around them. Their unhappiness prevents them from looking at the brighter side of life. They only talk about what they don’t want and blame other people for their own misfortunes.

Lack of optimism could be one of the reasons why you aren’t making progress in life yet This is because it makes you miss opportunities when they present themselves – because you assume nothing good would come out of it.

How to become an optimist

Think about what you want to achieve and how to get it
Look out for good in every situation
Seek the valuable lesson in every situation
Feed your mind with good kinds of stuff
Try more things; even if you fail, keep trying
Keep being persistent

Other Reason might involve the following;

No Plans
Blame Game
Giving Excuses, etc.
When you work on the above points in your life, you become more productive and happy with yourself. But above all, cultivate discipline and work hard towards achieving your goals, and success would chase you down your pants.

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